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If we haven’t made it abundantly clear by now, we love a good time. Oh and hi! We are Megan, Stephanie, and Ashley, the ladies of MHP.

When we show up to your wedding, it doesn’t feel like going to work. It feels like hanging out with friends. We just happen to be the friends with the nice camera and hundreds of hours of experience to help you remember your day forever. No biggie ;)

Truly though … We are focused on your experience as a couple. We prioritize images of you two, first and foremost. We are relentless in our scouting to get you the best light and best locations. We are committed to getting to know you and making you both feel as comfortable as possible. And we don’t see any job as too small for us to do if it makes your day even just a little better.

We’ll bustle dresses, hold flowers, pin boutonnieres, and go fetch Grandma for family portraits. We are by your side all day, so we’re here to serve. It’s our actual joy to serve.

We aren't in the business of weddings...we're in the joy of them!

amazing photographers work on this team


beautiful weddings are photographed every year


very large iced proffee prepares me for the day


Our families and friends are our world and we love being invited into yours to celebrate your forever.


It's an honor to capture love stories and be there to create moments that make our clients swoon!


There is nothing sweeter than the radiant joy that follows a couple around on their wedding day!


As professional photographers, we live for the small details. It's truly the little things that make life beautiful.



My college roommates asked me to take their senior photos. Looking back, the photos look like I had no idea what I was doing - and that's because I really didn't. All I knew was that I loved the way I felt when I got to give people photos of themselves that they truly felt good about. I bought a $400 camera from Costco with my college graduation money and booked my first family sessions for like $50.

Fast forward nearly eight years (WOW) and now it's not just me! Even though you see my name at the top of this site, it’s a tight team of us that run this thing.

I never started this business to make a name for myself or to grow a huge team. I started it because I love weddings more than anything else. And not just the day: I love everything leading up to it. Giving people an amazing wedding experience brings me so much joy. And doing that alongside women I love makes it even better.

So Megan Helm Photography isn’t about me. It’s about building meaningful relationships and about the joy we find in them. And it’s about documenting all the love and connection that comes with it!


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Stephanie is our lead photographer, and she knew she loved weddings. But you know what she didn't love?

Taxes. Legal stuff. Insurance. Admin. Marketing. And all the other "stuff" that's necessary to running a business but didn't light her soul on fire. And so joining the team here at MHP honestly made so much sense for her to continue doing what she really loved; capturing photos for couples and families to remember the joy and love that does light souls on fire!

And for me. Stephanie joining the team was what I had been praying for; and come to find out it's what she had prayed for, too.

You see, I needed the right person to come along because trusting them with my clients who I love and care for so deeply was not an easy decision to make. But I promise it was one of the best decisions I ever made for me...and for you!


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Ashley joined the MHP team in 2021 and we're so glad she did! Her energy immediately puts clients at ease and her eye for unique details makes her an incredible asset to our team and ultimately for you, our clients!

Ashley's bubbly personality helps bring out the joy in all of our clients! After just a few moments in her presence, you'll notice yourself relaxing because it is just so comfortable to be in front of her camera! You can expect tons of laughter, beautiful moments and amazing photographs when she's your photographer!!

You'll see Ashley along on wedding days as our trusty second shooter! She'll be there to get all the alternate angles, pretty details and fun candids.

Ashley is also available for portrait sessions with couples, families, maternity sessions and grads! If you want to book a session with her, just click her name when you submit an inquiry and we'll get you all squared away!

Then Along came ashley!

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Your wedding day is the day for you to feel like the absolute best version of yourself: the most stunning, the most vibrant, and the most loved. If you’re gonna put all that effort into how you look and feel, we are gonna put all our effort into making sure your images reflect that.

Around here, POSE is a 4-letter word. The experience of taking photos should never feel awkward. So rather than posing you into positions you would never, ever naturally fall into, we give you simple prompts. Stuff that you can easily do together that feels fun and comfortable. We’ll let you roast each other until you’re laughing or play you some cheesy tunes and let you dance and ignore us. Whatever makes you feel the most like YOU and less like someone being photographed.

But honestly? Even if we did put you in stiff poses, you would still look great. I mean, look at you beauties! But when you forget about us and look at each other? That’s fire.

We can't wait to get you in front of our cameras and capture your love story!

So why weddings?

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My favorite food is:

colt  + rusty

I have two dogs and their names are:

50 mm

My favorite lens is my:

toss up between color + grain

My favorite part of shooting film is:

a chef

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

a fanny pack on

During wedding season, I usually have:




an event planner

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

father daughter dances

My favorite part of weddings is:

85 mm

My favorite lens is my:

culling images after

My favorite part of shooting weddings is:

love gardening

Most people don't know that I:

chick fil a

Before almost every wedding I eat:



a social worker

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

greys anatomy

My comfort show is:

24-70 mm

My favorite lens is my:

telling a story with moments

My favorite part of shooting weddings is:

am an introvert who loves people

Most people don't know that I:

a stack of unread books

During wedding season, I usually have this on my nightstand:



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