Your wedding day is the day for you to feel like the absolute best version of yourself: the most stunning, the most vibrant, and the most loved. If you’re gonna put all that effort into how you look and feel, we are gonna put all our effort into making sure your images reflect that.

Around here, POSE is a
4-letter word.

The experience of taking photos should never feel awkward. So rather than posing you into positions you would never, ever naturally fall into, we give you simple prompts. Stuff that you can easily do together that feels fun and comfortable. We’ll let you roast each other until you’re laughing or play you some cheesy tunes and let you dance and ignore me. Whatever makes you feel the most like YOU and less like someone being photographed. 

But honestly? Even if we did put you in stiff poses, you would still look great. I mean, look at you beauties! But when you forget about us and look at each other? That’s fire.


Because everyone deserves to feel like a model on their wedding day (yes, even the guys)

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Hiring a photographer and taking photos together should instantly get moved off your “To Stress About” list. We are fanatics about both our process and making you comfortable. We make sure your experience is nothing short of flawless. We might love weddings more than anything else, but guiding couples to their day effortlessly comes in at a close second. 

We have resources on resources to answer your questions, help you plan, and give you ideas for your day. We are present along the whole journey of your engagement if you want a support team or just need to bounce ideas off someone. You’ve got enough going on right now, let us handle this part.

We are now booking 2022-23 Weddings
Collections range from 2950-4500

Please reach out for more details!


Creative businesses and personal blogs are built on one very important thing; YOU! Share your story with your clients with photos that not only radiate with the joy and passion you have for your business, but allow others to take a sneak peek into your world. These sessions are perfect for businesses and bloggers who want to capture their authentic self.

Each session is tailored to your unique needs. Our photography style is warm, vibrate and true to color, but we know every brand has a style. We can work with you to customize your own editing preset and match your social media style to seamlessly blend into your established brand.

We know firsthand how important it is to connect with and reach your ideal client, so each collection we offer is designed to offer the full experience. You'll receive everything you need to elevate your brand and reach your target market. We've put a lot of thought and heart into these offerings to serve you with the very best experience and deliver photos that are authentically you!

Branding Collections begin at $650

Your brand story matters, so tell it!


I have never regretting investing in myself. My first cameras and lenses were just the beginning of this business back in 2014, and now look where we are! I've invested in education and experiences to grow my business, but there's always been something I thought was missing, and it was that one-on-one attention with someone whose been there. THAT is exactly what a mentor session with MHP has to offer!

I mean, would you believe me if I told you I shot in JPEG for the first year? Or that I used to edit each photo INDIVIDUALLY in Photoshop?
Yikes!! I KNOW!

These sessions are designed to be everything I wish I would have had when I was beginning my business so that YOU can jump-start yours. I created a business guide with over 30 pages of content. Designed with the small business in mind, you'll have everything I wished I would have had.

Why share my tips?
Did you know that 20% of small business fail in the first year. And 50% fail by year 5! And while it has not always been smooth sailing, I've learned so much over the years.

Now, I want to give back and help others through coaching for creatives and I also offer live training for aspiring photographers!

But the best kept secret; it doesn't matter how many followers or likes your business may have. What matters is that you can provide your clients with a one of a kind experience! That is what has kept my clients not only coming back to me, but RAVING about it. Those are the things I want to share with you!

You are always a good investment!




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