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The Holdfast Money Maker – Water Buffalo Leather

The best decision I ever made was purchasing my Holdfast Money Maker camera harness. Yes, that’s really what it’s called. I actually think it’s the coolest name. It’s also a life saver!

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I had shoulder surgery in June of 2016 to clean up a tear in my labrum from a car accident I was in. I had been trying physical therapy for months and surgery was the last resort. There were a couple things going on they planned to fix, and also discovered that for some reason one of my bicep tendons was not connected to my shoulder, presumably disconnected from the accident but who knows. It was smaller than a normal bicep tendon so they moved that back to where it belonged and closed me up.

I can continue the hobby that I love.

 Yup, that's inside my shoulder. And me...pre-surgery! Sorry if your squemish! Yup, that’s inside my shoulder. And me…pre-surgery! Sorry if your squemish!

I have three tiny scars, barely noticeable. You wouldn’t know by looking at me there are still days where I just want to prop my arm up with a pillow to relax. Post surgical physical therapy was brutal…and the one thing I loved had become even more painful. Especially weddings. Weddings mean long days lugging heavy cameras and lens around. Lots of walking. Dress fluffing, veil fixing, holding my camera waaaaay above my head to get the perfect shot. The day after a wedding has always been rough, and now was pretty much unbearable.

The tear is still there because they were unable to repair it, so pain is just part of life and I was seriously considering scaling back everything photography, because the pain just wasn’t worth it.

I thought it was a fluke.

Then, I bought the Holdfast Money Maker. When I bought it, I really just I wanted a better way to carry two cameras when I shot weddings. I was tired of having two camera straps around my neck all day. I had no idea just how amazing this product was. My first wedding with it was an 8 hour, solo shooter event. That means I’m it. So me and my two cameras strapped in and did awesome! The next day, I was ready for the pain and it never came. Well, my feet were a little sore but that’s because I ran around on them for 8+ hours the day before. My shoulder though, usually required some ice and ibuprofen. But instead, I felt pretty good. I thought it was a fluke but I’ve since done two others…pain free!!

I cannot even put into words how amazing it is to have this tool. I can continue this hobby that I love because I have found a better way to carry my gear without being in pain and that means everything!

Thank you to Cayton Heath, my fabulous second shooter, for snagging some behind the scenes photos of me working!


How a camera harness saved my business.

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