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CLIENTS | How to have a successful in-home lifestyle session

April 12, 2018

Lifestyle sessions are some of my favorites. One of the things I love most about photography, is the photo-journalistic nature of documenting moments. In Home Sessions are the perfect way to document some of your most precious moments in a very authentic, comfortable home setting.

See some of my tips to help your next session go off without a hitch!

Pick a space

Trying to wrangle a family together for photos and making sure nobody spits up on their new outfit or wipes Cheetos on the white shirt can send any mom into a panic! Now you’ve chosen a home session and have to clean – what were you thinking?!

BREATHE MOM! Try to pick 1-3 rooms, or even corners of the rooms to clean up. Make sure it still feels homey, like leaving the semi-wilted plant in the window or the race cars on the floor. I promise not to judge if all the clothes are stuffed into the closet and the toy chest is overflowing.

In the photo above, you’ll see the nightstands were free from baby bottles, wipes, burp cloths and other “clutter” items. Just don’t look behind me! It’s ok for your house to be lived in – after all, it’s your home. If you aren’t sure which area of the home you want to do your photos in, ask your photographer. I’m sure they’ll have some suggestions for you to make your in home session look amazing!

Set something up

If you’re really concerned about having an in home session, pick an activity, like baking cookies, slip and slides or a summer picnic in the backyard or a living room fort camp out. Relax and let yourself enjoy the moment, play with your kids and allow yourself to remove the pressure and just have fun with whatever activity you’ve chosen.

Dress appropriately.

Don’t press your Sunday best! Opt for comfort. Mom should get dressed first, in something you feel confident and comfortable in. Don’t feel like you have to look flawless in a nice dress. Jeans and a sweater are totally acceptable. Dress the kids in coordinating colors, but not too matchy-matchy. Lastly, dress Dad. Avoid shirts with words or graphics, but don’t feel like you have to avoid patterns. Check out my Pinterest for ideas!

Have fun!

My goal is for these images to be your sweet reminder to slow down, and enjoy the every day moments. Remember this session should be fun, not stressful. I understand that having someone come into your home for photos can be an anxiety inducing thought, but I promise you, not only will I not judge if you’re house isn’t sparkling clean, but that you’ll love the sweet, authentic memories we capture right in your own home!

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