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Your client experience is a make or break. I have a checklist of essentials I pack for weddings so I am prepared for it all!

Wedding day essentials for brides by @megghelm

I’ve photographed 44 weddings since I began this business, and I’ve got 15 more on the books for 2019 and 2020. I can confidently say that I have been there; and I know weddings can, more often than not, be a little crazy. It happens guys, just embrace the crazy! I’ve got you.

Which brings me to this next point; I’m hired as a photographer. Most people when they think of a photographer, they look for pretty pictures. My job simply is to pose, point and click a button.

Guys, that’s literally always my goal and I refuse to deliver less than the best on such an important day. These days, with so many photographers popping up, it’s imperative to be more than just my pretty Instagram feed.

So one of the things I pride myself on most is my client experience.

I love being more than a photographer. I am a dress zipper, a shoe buckler, water delivery girl, an on-the-go makeup artist to re-apply that lipstick after the big smooch, and a lot of things you won’t even know you need until you need them and I’m right there. Because I literally follow you guys around ALL. DAY. LONG.

I had a bride tell me the moment she saw me on her wedding day “I am so glad you’re here, I feel so calm just seeing you right now”. Another amazing bride told me since she didn’t have a maid of honor that I was her honorary MOH. Best compliment EVER!

So to get you (and me successfully through the chaos of a wedding day, here’s a few of my Wedding Day Essentials that I pack!

I’ve included some links below to these items fairly inexpensive on Amazon, but you can also check out a local dollar store for travel sized items too if you’d prefer to carry smaller sizes of some of these things.

Eyelash Glue

I just recently added this because I had a member of the wedding party suffering from allergies right before the ceremony and one of her false lashes began to come up. The makeup artist had already left and I didn’t have any. Now, I’ve got some in my kit so I got you girl.


Safety Pins


Bobby Pins


Tide-to-Go Pens

I hope I never need it, but I have it just in case.



In case you need one before the big kiss! And also because I drink a lot of coffee before I arrive so I need it to. It’s cool, don’t be embarassed girl I got you!


Tampons & Pads

Look I know this is a sucky thing to need on a wedding day, but it happens. For brides, for the bridesmaids, for me – it can literally happen to anyone and we gotta get through it together ladies! So yeah, I bring tampons and pads in case someone needs them.


Bug Spray

And not just any bug spray – OFF! Deep Woods. Because as a photographer my mindset is “anything to get the shot” which sometimes means crawling around in tall weeds, laying in dirt or going waist deep into the ocean. I really need some pictures of me doing crazy things for pictures because honestly guys, I’m not afraid to do what it takes to get the shot. Laying on the ground is not beneath me. I mean technically it is beneath me, but you know what I mean.


Hand Sanitizer

Because my husband is a germ freak and I like to be prepared. You can get mini ones super cheap at the dollar store.



Even in the cool fall weather, there is still sun, which means the risk of sunburn is still very, very real. I buy the dry apply spray sunscreen because it doesn’t make me feel all oily and sticky. I have a bottle of Face Sunblock too, just for my face and ears. The tops and backs of my ears BURN SO EASILY…it’s painful.



Because those flyaway hairs are a photoshop nightmare.


Baby Wipes

Because who doesn’t love feeling clean and refreshed! I also bring makeup wipes.


Dry Shampoo

I’ve tried SEVERAL brands of dry shampoo, and Batisse is by far my favorite. It doesn’t leave white residue in my hair, it brushes through super nicely and I don’t feel like I’ve added a bunch of stuff in my hair like other brands I’ve tried.



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed scissors on a wedding day before, so now I never have to worry because I’ve got that covered.



Shoe blisters are a b*tch! Band-aids make your life so much better. Most brides haven’t ever worn their shoes before the wedding day and blisters almost ALWAYS happen. Having these handy makes you so much more valuable to your client and they will be so grateful you thought ahead on this one.

TIP: Also for shoe blisters, rub anti-perspirant deodorant wherever you usually will get blisters and it helps them before they start to form. This won’t help if you have one already, but it does help if you don’t have it yet  the deodorant absorbs the water and sweat that rub and cause friction to create the blister. And I’ve done this so I know it really does work!



I buy the mini ones because nobody likes to use someone else’s deodorant. I just give it to the bride or whoever needed it, don’t worry I don’t re-use it!


Body Spray

I just bring a light spray from Bath & Body Works. I’m always running around getting photos so I get hot and sweaty even in the winter so it’s nice to have something to freshen up and make me feel better. It’s also handy if the bride or anyone forgot perfume.


Weddings are my jam. Maybe it’s because I recently got married myself, or maybe it’s because I am a total sucker for romance novels and I feel like all my couples have such great love stories. The thing is, your wedding day is important. For most of my clients, this is their first wedding, but even if it’s not your first time around, it’s still very much a big deal and it’s a day filled with moments and memories you’ll want to cherish forever. I want to hear all about your love story!





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Wedding Day Essentials

A fall wedding is an opportunity to embrace the beauty of the season and create lasting memories with your loved ones. With these tips in mind, your autumn celebration is sure to be a warm and enchanting affair, filled with the magic of fall.

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