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#MeetMeganMondays: Volume II – My Struggle with Consistency

Hi friends! Today I’m going to talk about a topic that used to literally get me so down, I wanted to give up the camera; CONSISTENCY. As a new photographer, it is incredibly difficult to nail manual mode and deliver consistent imagery to your clients. As a client, I want to hire a photographer and KNOW without a doubt what the final product is going to look like. So I felt like I was failing as a photographer with a feed that looked like this;


I clearly didn’t have a style. Some images look matte, others are bold. My logo is sometimes in the photos, sometimes it isn’t. My posing is all over the place and my gear was ok, but I could be better, and I wanted to be better!

Let me tell you, feeling like a failure was NOT fun. I felt like I was losing potential clients because they would find someone else who could deliver a consistent product. I knew what I wanted to deliver; warmth, rich shadows, bold but true to color, and bright. I just couldn’t get my images where I wanted them and that ate away at my inspiration for a very long time.

If you’re in this same position, I’m here to tell you don’t give up! I actually recently shared a blog about finding your style. You can read about all the tools that helped me here. Now, I have a clear vision for my brand, my work and my business. I know exactly what I want, and I deliver it. Every time. My Instagram feed now looks like this;


My images ARE bright and bold and crisp, and my posing is fun and authentic, not stiff and awkward. The colors are rich and vibrant and I am finally delivering consistent work I am proud of!


The thing is, consistency is key to your brand.

When you think about fast food, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it’s the golden arches of McDonald’s. Just hearing the company name makes you think of Ronald, their clown, and the colors red and yellow. That’s because those colors and that character and logo ARE their BRAND. The logo has changed over the years, but you still know when you see those golden arches what to expect.


McDonald’s Logo Evolution – Photo courtesy of 1000logos.net

Brand recognition.

I hope I’m not the first to tell you that brand recognition matters, but if I am, “Brand recognition matters!!”

Well…what does that mean? It means that when your brand is clear and your product is consistent, consumers will recognize your work as yours. How cool is that? I follow a lot of photographers and I know without even looking at the social media handle who took that photo! Here are some photographers who have NAILED IT with their brand!

Vanessa Hicks Photography

Vanessa took honeymoon photos and Trevor and I last December and we had a blast! I know her work because her colors are clean, her images are crisp and usually they’re on a fantastic beach that only Hawaii could offer. She’s also been killing it with these amazing floral tub sessions, and so I know as soon as I see those flowers Vanessa is back at it!

Hope Taylor Photography

I’ve followed Hope from the beginning of my photography journey, because her style inspired me. I loved the warmth in her images, and the brightness. Her images are true to color, and she has a way with posing couples to give off such an intimate, cozy vibe. I know when I see one of Hope’s photos that it’s hers because she has built a brand that stays true and consistent, and she does it well!

Emma Rose Company

I have yet to meet Emma in person, but I’ve been an active follower of this gal since another local tog, Danielle, introduced me to her work last year. Emma has nailed consistency, and when you look at her work, you see it! Her images are bright, light and clean. The colors are soft and beautiful, and the lighting is amazing, even in the middle of the day. Emma has perfected what I would call the “light and airy” feel!

So my journey took me, I’d say about 3 years to really start to hone in on my style. I also only do this part time, so I’m not always at the computer editing or out shooting. Some photographers nail it as soon as they begin, and others are still struggling. Stay in your lane, true to your art and your style will start to shine through!







#MeetMeganMondays: Volume III – My Struggle with Consistency

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