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Finding your mentor.

You’re an aspiring photographer, or maybe you’ve just bought your first camera and have no idea where to begin. You’ve taken photos for a few friends, but want to take your work to the next level. A mentor session is for you!
In that last year, I’ve tripled my photography income. I’ve matched my full-time salary by streamlining my business, refining my workflows and running this business on my terms. I’ve been able to make more money and have more time to spend with my husband. I can schedule vacations when I want, book clients when I want and take on as much or as little as I want to all while holding down that 8-5.

So what is a mentor session?

I’m so glad you asked! Mentoring sessions should be tailored to you. Different photographers offer different styles of mentoring. Any option that resonates with YOU will be a good decision. Make sure that you feel a connection with this photographer. If you’re aiming for hybrid digital and film, you’ll want to choose a mentor who offers film education. You’re drawn to the dark and moody style; find a photographer who shoots and edits in a way that inspires you! I want my mentors to feel more inspired. This is why I’ve developed 4 different types of mentoring sessions so you can choose which best suits you.

Wedding Mentor Session

where you can shadow me on a real wedding day. If I had found something like this before I began to shoot weddings, I would have been ALL OVER IT! These mentor sessions are 3 sessions in one. They include Business Q&A, Wedding Day Shadowing (for couples who have OK’d this with me first), and Photo Editing mentoring. I also include a workbook. This workbook helps you refine your brand and photography style. It also provides tips on photography workflows to help your business run efficiently. It gives you a space to envision where your brand is going and how to get there.

Session Mentoring

These are awesome because it allows us to define your photography style. It also allows us to refine your approach to sessions. We’ll discuss what type of session you’re looking for. Like, a family, Boudoir, Lifestyle, Engagement, Maternity, etc. then, we’ll pick your ideal location. I’ll start looking for volunteers for our models. This way, we can take time to break down your technique and settings. We can use those skills in a session without the pressure of having a paying client in front of your camera. Our models always love to get some free images in exchange for coming out, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Business Q&A

Some of my favorite moments are shared over coffee (or Sangria). Let’s schedule some time for either and we can chat or you can grill me about all the things! Feel free to bring a list of questions with you so we can tackle all the burning questions you have about your business. Want to know how I manage to have a full-time job and being a side hustle CEO? Or you want to know more about my editing style or my #instagame. Whatever your questions are, I’ll have answers and I won’t hold back! Whatever you want to know, I want to share. Community over competition; because when one person succeeds, we all succeed!

Photo Editing

Finding your style is the most challenging, and most rewarding aspect of photography. I knew that I always wanted my photos to emulate natural life. I didn’t want to produce washed out colors and I didn’t want to under-expose an image or create something dull. With every image I take, I want to enhance the natural beauty of a moment. I do this by bringing forth the warmth and natural colors. This creates a beautiful, natural representation of the moment.
In your photo editing session, we’ll sit down in front of the computer and hone in on what you’re looking to achieve. You’ll find inspiration to help you refine your ideal style and we’ll work to achieve that so you can re-create that consistent imagery with every photo. No matter the style you’re looking to achieve, I can help you hone that in. I can help you get what you want and tweak your editing to find that niche that is perfect and unique to YOU!
Want to inquire about rates and how to go about booking your mentor session? Click here.

Sessions are booked on a first come basis. Wedding dates will vary. Session mentoring must be booked 1 month in advance in order to coordinate models, outfits, and locations.


Investing in a Mentor Session

A fall wedding is an opportunity to embrace the beauty of the season and create lasting memories with your loved ones. With these tips in mind, your autumn celebration is sure to be a warm and enchanting affair, filled with the magic of fall.

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