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We did the sweetest engagement session for Andrue and Paiton at Lost Lake in mid February and had a blast! If the sweet, candid photos we captured aren’t enough to convince you, let me just share a little story.

These two have never had professional photos taken before, and I was admittedly nervous since it was my first engagement session back after the winter “slow season”. But they both warmed right up in front of the camera as I prompted them with fun things to do rather than posing them so they felt stiff. This is how we can capture candid moments for our couples.

Andrue shared his favorite pizza toppings and ice cream flavors, Paiton looked cute AF with her cow print booties and we just jammed through the most amazing engagement session ever!

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One of my favorite things to do is to find beauty in unexpected places. Lost Lake isn’t usually a location that makes people think beautiful, but if you know where to go and how to use your gear and the lighting in your favor, you can capture so really stunning photos. These eucalyptus trees and the dreamy glowing sunset through the leaves was perfect. As was our sweet couple!

Inspiring real, candid moments is something we pride ourselves on, and when we look at these photos, we can hear these two laughing and having the best time!

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Can we also just take a moment to admire Paiton’s sense of style? Those shoes are probably my favorite thing ever! So cute!

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Wanna check out where you can get adorable outfits like Paiton’s?
Check out Heritage Co. Boutique in downtown Kingsburg!

And if you’re ready to book your own engagement session, head on over to our INVESTMENT page for more details!

spring sunset engagement photos with a green dress


Candid Engagement Photos at Lost Lake

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