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Sacramento State Grad | Jessica

July 31, 2020

woman in jean jacket outside with blurred background

Traveling to Sacramento State to photograph this first generation college graduate was a real treat!

Jessica graduated this past May as an art major, and this girl is the real deal. COVID stole graduation day, but it didn’t steal the accomplishments Jess made by getting that degree! I love checking out all the ceramic designs she’s creating. Follow her over @wolfeceramics to see more of her artwork.

Sacramento state graduate wearing apron and holding pottery
close up of handmade pottery and apron

I mean how cool are these clay pots?! It was really fun to take her graduation photos of Jess doing her thing; working on projects, organizing all of her tools and just enjoying what she’s set out to do. I will never get tired of photographing businesses and clients who are joyful and thankful for everything they’re doing!

pottery items on desk at sacramento state
woman doing clay work for graduate photos at sacramento state
clay vase and pottery toools
woman smiling while working on her clay sculpture
senior photo in black and white, natural smile and jean jacket
Sacramento State Grad photo looking through pine
woman in high/low dress and boots on tree lined streets of sacramento state university
woman in pottery apron holding custom plates
above view of someone making clay pottery
black and white photo of person doing clay pottery in the Sacramento State ceramics department
close up of custom clay pottery being held by maker
graduate photo of woman in green dress outside with trees
portrait of woman smiling for graduation photos
woman in denim jacket and green dress outside
Sacramento State graduate pours wine into custom clay cup

Photographing Jess in her natural habitat is amazing! As creatives, we thrive in spaces where we feel at home. The ceramics studio at Sacramento State has been Jessica’s happy place for a long time. Seeing all the projects Jess is working on is just icing on the cake. I got to peek into her creative mind during this shoot which is absolutely amazing!

woman working on custom clay statue
headshot of woman in denim jacket with simple gold jewelry
portrait of woman in green dress on tree lined street

Sacramento State has a gorgeous roadway lined with tall trees and color changing leaves. Fall light is so gorgeous, and so getting to snap some photographs of Jessica on these campus hallmarks of Sacramento State.

serious face portrait of woman in green and gold outside

Portrait sessions for seniors are a blast, and we love capturing these moments for our clients. If you’re looking for a senior portrait photographer, check out our pricing HERE.

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