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Fresno Engagement Photos at Lost Lake | Andrew + Katie

January 20, 2021

portra 400 35mm film engagement photography

Fresno engagement photos in the fall with the dreamy California sunsets are arguably one of the best parts of being a photographer.

As soon as we arrived at Lost Lake, Katie ran a few outfit options by me because she’s a woman after my own heart. I LOVE HAVING OPTIONS! Then as we’re walking to our first stop on the locations route I had planned, they start telling me the greatest story ever.

They asked me if I had ever seen Friends (to which I said does Ross love Dinosaurs?) so they proceeded to explain that Andrew is like Chandler when he and Monica took engagement photos. We all had the greatest laugh about it. And yes, I asked Katie where her stand in was (aka Joey) just in case we needed him.

The mood instantly lifted from nervous and unsure to comfortable and fun. And I now had something really funny to bring up if either of them ever started to feel that forced smile. I’d just say, “Hey smile Chandler” and the laughter and genuine smiles followed. We had the best time and their photos definitely reflect that!

engaged couple walking through a golden grassy field
side by side close up eye and smiling photo of couple
man hugging fiance in golden sunset
fall engagement photo twirl in burgundy dress at Lost Lake

How dreamy are some of these film shots? I love the warmth that Portra 400 film offers. I also prefer a bit of contrast in my images, so I asked the lab to Push 1 stop. The results were damn near perfect to match with their digital images.

couple embracing playfully outside while laughing
couple leaning in to each other in black and white

Black and white engagement photos are always a fan favorite! It is so timeless to see a black and white photo. I love that without the color, you end up focusing on different aspects of the image like the smiles on their faces or the way her hand is squeezing his arm.

man holding woman on his back at Lost Lake at golden sunset
close up of engagement ring while holding fiance's arm with white nails
couple standing in the grass for fall engagement sunset photos
man lifting woman's face to kiss
man playfully lifting woman while she smiles at the camera

Fresno engagement sessions are seriously underrated!

THIS is what I am talking about you guys! I mean I love a good destination session as much as the next photographer, but would you look at this sunset? It truly doesn’t get much better than this!

man kissing fiances forehead
couple hugging and laughing at Lost Lake for fall engagement photos
couple kissing walking in the street at Lost Lake
couple smiling joyfully while looking in to each others eyes
man nuzzling in to woman during fall engagement photos
couple embracing while man picks up woman at Lost Lake

This photo above is one of my all time favs! The style, the smiles, the light, the colors…everything flowed together perfectly! And they look damn cute don’t they? #MHPweddings couples are the best!

Man hugging woman from behind while whispering in her ear at Lost Lake at sunset
couple leaning in to kiss during fall engagement photos

35mm film shot on Canon EOS 3. Portra 400 film pushed 1. Film scans by Photovision Prints.

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