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Today I want to share why I love being a wedding photography assistant! And it’s #WeddingWednesday so what better day than today!

Hey, it’s me, Cassy! The girl running around behind the scenes or behind the cell phone on your wedding day. I asked to write a blog because we know I love weddings, but you may not know why I love being a wedding photography assistant. Plus I wanted a chance to share some of my behind the scenes photos and pick out a fave from a few wedding days!

wedding photography assistant holding wine glasses for a winery wedding

Being a wedding photo assistant on a wedding day means making sure our MHP couples can enjoy their day seamlessly! I work with Megan and Stephanie throughout the day to keep everyone on schedule. I touch base with every vendor when we arrive to make sure I know what my wedding photography team and couples need as we move through the timeline. My goal is to make sure our photographers are comfortable and can move through the day with ease.

Couple near eucalyptus with bride in fuzzy coat at sunset
Bride and groom hugging while holding white rose and eucalyptus bouquet
wedding photo assistant point of view during sunset photo of bride and groom
This is what Megan captures vs. what I capture at @wolflakespark. Both bring me joy!

Another important time of day as a wedding photo assistant is family and bridal party portraits.

This could be messy in the wrong hands. Fret not because with MHP you’re in the best hands! Megan, being the super organizer she is, has a family photo checklist filled out by the couple and printed out for me. This way I can call out names and we can efficiently move through family photos with ease! Family photos are done in no time and after that I basically get to party. And by party I mean make sure the cake frosting isn’t melting, our couples always have their drink glasses full, Megan & Stephanie have their gear set up, the DJ and us are on the same page and sneaking in a bite of dessert here and there. Oh and dancing. WE LOVE DANCING!

Bridesmaids in blush and dusty blue at the Pines resort for a wedding in Bass Lake, Ca.
wedding photography assistant catches photographer taking bridesmaids photos
What a difference a good photographer and a little editing make! The background may not look like much in my behind the scenes shot @pinesresort, but these talented wedding photographers make it look easy and beautiful!
Groomsmen lined up and smiling in grey suits with blue ties

I am more than just a wedding photo assistant!

In my case I am lucky since Megan shoots a lot of weddings, but that’s not where the fun ends for a photography assistant. I also get to help on the backend of sessions too. While I don’t usually write the blogs I often tag the blogs and prep our pins for Pinterest! Which believe it or not, I love doing. I’m the ultimate consumer so I love looking through the photos, picking what stands out, and tagging it in ways I think different couples would find us. It’s oddly therapeutic and lets my creative brain gets some work in.

Bride in beaded dress with blush bouquet
View of bride through photographers arm and camera
Bride and Groom chatting while walking along pathway at sunset
Photographer capturing bride during sunset while groom admires
Caught a groom admiring his bride as much as I do! Oh and that gorgeous sunset is why we call in golden hour.
bridal wedding photo portrait at copper river country club shot on fuji400h 35mm film

Lastly, I am a huge supporter of taking annual family photos. Since having my two sons, 4 and 2, we have taken them every year. Which oddly enough is a total change from before kids. My husband and I didn’t do engagement photos and we had a close friend that did photography on the side do our wedding photos. We loved our wedding photos but looking back I know we should have done a lot more with it. Being a photography assistant, I now get to take pictures with photographers I am now so comfortable with yearly. On top of that I get to improve my own ability to be photographed after watching these wonderful photographers pose couples so perfectly!

Parents looking at each other while holding kids on their lap
Family walking away in field of yellow flowers
Woman hugging husbands arm while he leans in
Family in pink and blue out in field of flowers in spring

Kids running around parents legs
Parents holding kids upside down to make them laugh

This is the most accurate representation of our family photos every year, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything!

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Wedding Photo Assistant: Why I love it!

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