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Beach Maternity Photos in Morro Bay

March 10, 2021

Beach maternity photos are definitely becoming a new favorite for us here at MHP.

It was an absolute honor to come back to the central California coast to photograph Brianna and Murat’s maternity session. Morro Bay is a stunning location for some beach maternity photos. Getting to capture moments for my clients is really special, but getting to capture a love story through the years – now THAT is something extraordinarily special.

These two were #MHPWeddings clients and now they’re about to be parents. Scroll through to see some of my favs from this beach maternity session in Morro Bay!

Film photo of husband hugging wife and holding her pregnant stomach
Woman in sheer white boho dress holding baby bump
couple in tall grass while man kisses forehead and holds baby bump
woman holding baby bump while man kisses her head from behind
Film photo of woman during sunset at beach maternity photos
Maternity couple in the sand and grass standing nose to nose
Pregnant woman holding her belly standing in the sand.
pregnant woman sitting between her husbands legs while they hold hands
Film photo of woman in white boho dress at Morro bay holding baby bump
Couple touching foreheads in love at sunset
Husband kissing wife pregnant belly
Couple embraced while standing in the grass in Morro Bay
Woman's pregnant belly in boho sheer white dress

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Maternity couple with mom in long red dress in the sand in Morro Bay
Couple sitting in the sand and grass together snuggling
Husband pulling his pregnant wife up to kiss
Film photo of pregnant woman walking in sand holding her belly

This beach maternity session is one I will never forget.

Starting to incorporate film into my photography workflow has been a total game changer. One of the beautiful things about film photography is the depth in the colors. Film is timeless yet vintage; colorful yet soft. It’s a medium that gives our clients an amazing gift.

Couple sitting in the sand and grass together lovingly relaxed for beach maternity photos
Pregnant woman at sunset during beach maternity photos
Maternity couple in the tall grass while woman holds her baby bump

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Husband whispering to pregnant wife while they stand in the grass in Morro Bay by california photographer megan helm
Film photo of couple with their hands on woman's pregnant belly
Couple  in love during maternity photos at Morro Bay
Woman in long red dress with husband for beach maternity photos in morro bay california
Husband hugging wife's pregnant belly from behind
Woman walking in the sand at sunset in Morro Bay
Couple standing in tall grass while husband kisses wife's forehead
Couple laughing with woman in long red dress at beach maternity photo shoot
Woman looking at her pregnant belly in white boho maternity dress for beachy maternity photos
Couple touching foreheads and holding woman's pregnant belly at sunset
Pregnant woman walking in the sand with Morro Bay rock behind her
Man holding wife's baby bump from behind during beach maternity photos.
Couple sitting together talking in the tall grass in Morro Bay for beach maternity photos
Couple in love during beach maternity photo session.
Woman's pregnant belly at sunset in boho sheer dress.
Couple hugging in the tall grass and sand during beach maternity photos
Film photo of woman holding dress against her baby bump
Woman standing at the beach on the sand at sunset loving her baby bump
Man kissing woman's forehead while her hair blows in the wind
Woman holding baby bump and smiling at camera while man kisses her head for beach maternity photos
Woman walking in the wind at the beach in maternity dress.
Man leaning in to pregnant wife while they hold her belly.
Woman in boho maternity dress blowing in the wind during her beach maternity photos

And let’s not forget to mention how stunning Brianna is as a mother.

I love this job; I love capturing photos of couples and families through all the chapters of life. Giving our clients the gift of their memories captured in a timeless way is beautiful. This beach maternity session was a favorite and I can’t wait to capture more memories for this sweet couple and their growing family.

Ready to book your beach maternity photos? Click HERE!

  1. Ruby says:

    These look beyond beautiful! I cannot hire you for a beach maternity session, but I’ll definitely hire you for a family beach session! ♥️

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