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Lost lake is a hidden gem in the Fresno area for some really stunning engagement photos!

Couple forehead to forehead at sunset

Today we are sharing Jeremy and Vi’s engagement session because on this day exactly 3 years ago, they made their relationship officially official! From friends to boyfriend and girlfriend.

Vi and Jeremy began their session by letting me know that they are awkward in front of the camera…like right out of the car gave me the heads up hah!

A conversation we’ve had with clients over and over again because everyone gets a little nervous when the camera comes out. We understand how concerning it can be before a photo session when you’re feeling nervous.

Let’s squash those nerves real quick! Your session will not be awkward with us behind the camera! We are there to coach our clients through sessions every step of the way. Prompting is one of the main tools in our arsenal; we’ll give you action items and things to do with each other rather than pointing a camera at your face and saying “Smile!”

Scroll through to see some stunning Lost Lake engagement photos!

Couple walking in the grass and hugging in the grass at Lost Lake engagement
Focus on woman's engagement ring while she hold fiance's arm
Couple kissing in front of Lost Lake
Man hugging his fiance while she pulls his face in.
Couple looking naturally in love at Lost Lake engagement photoshoot.

Lost Lake engagement photos are one of our go-to spots when clients want a local session with an outdoorsy feel.

California sunsets are the best! Golden hour in California just can’t be beat! Vi & Jeremy would know because they made their relationship official at Coachella! Their friendship started back in Pharmacy school where they met, even though it took awhile for them to find their person in each other. It’s so special to photograph couples who have built such a solid foundation in their friendship together. Shooting their engagement session at lost lake honestly felt like we were all long lost friends.

Engaged couple standing on a rock lined walkway at Lost Lake

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Man carrying his fiance on his back while she kisses his cheek.
Couple romantically looking at each other while man dips woman

At one point Vi tells me, “We’re totally good with sitting poses” since I had mostly been having them doing things standing and walking. I immediately thought of this random patch of white wildflowers we had walked past earlier “How about laying down” I asked them! And then we captured this magical photo!

Couple laying on the grass head to head with eyes closed holding hands.
Woman looking at her fiance while they stand holding hands.
Woman in a chiffon navy blue dress at sunset while fiance hold hers in to him.
Man nuzzling fiances forehead while she looks at the camera.
Couple kissing while man dips woman at sunset at Lost Lake.
Engaged couple at Lost Lake hugging and laughing.
Couple laying in the grass at Lost Lake holding hands and laughing
Engaged couple hugging and nuzzling
Woman's hand holding fiance's arm with engagement ring showing
Couple embracing with closed eyes at sunset.
Lost lake engagement photos of couple at sunset.
Couple holding hands intertwined.
Man lifting woman's face to kiss her in front of Lost Lake.

Waterfront photos are a fan favorite from Lost Lake engagement sessions!

Woman laughing while fiance whispers in her ear.
Woman laying in fiance's lap in the grass at Lost lake.
Couple holding hands and man leaning in to woman's temple.
Lost Lake engagement with woman in blue chiffon dress and man holding her at sunset.
Couple silhouette kissing at sunset.
Engaged couple in front of Lost Lake forehead to forehead.
Couple laughing laying on the grass holding hands.
Engaged couple at lost lake at sunset looking in to each others eyes.
Couple smiling together in front of the water at Lost Lake.
Man pulling woman's chin up to kiss her.
Couple embracing at sunset at Lost Lake
Couple laughing walking down the street holding hands.
Woman holding out her blue chiffon dress while man holds her close.
Woman with her head on fiance's chest while he hugs her.
Engaged couple laughing and having fun at lost lake.
Man whispering to his fiance at lost lake engagement.
Woman looking back as man hugs her from behind.
Couple close together at sunset at Lost Lake
Engaged couple laying in the grass
Couple dancing and laughing at Lost Lake.
Man picking up fiance in front of his car at sunset.

The guys always love it when we can incorporate their car into the session!

Woman holding on to fiance while he leans in to her temple.

Thank you to Jeremy and Vi for choosing MHP to capture your wedding and engagement photos. We are going to have the best time!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, contact MHP here!


Lost Lake Engagement | Jeremy + Vi

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