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groom picking up bride and kissing her on a dock at wolf lakes park a fresno wedding venue

Wolf Lakes Park is an amazing Fresno wedding venue.

Sara and Ryan were married on March 20, 2021 at Wolf Lakes Park. Their family and friends gathered to celebrate this special union and MHP was honored to be a part of photographing their wedding day. 2021 has brought a massive flow of couples into the wedding industry looking to get married after basically an entire year without weddings. So when Sara reached out to me right before the end of 2020 for a March wedding, I was like HECK YES GIRL!

groom getting ready and putting on cuff links

Ryan proposed to Sara on Christmas Tree Lane and Sara was on top of wedding planning from the get go! About a week later they had a venue and a date and she reached out to book me as her photographer. While on our consult call, her dad asked me what brand of camera I used and thankfully I had the right answer 😉 It was such a great call and Sara and I were both crying by the end of it. I think we all knew that we were a perfect fit to work together for their upcoming wedding.

And in case you’re reading this and wondering what my answer was…I shoot Canon ha ha!

bride putting on a necklace before getting into her wedding dress
blue and green wedding invitations
bride and groom first look at wolf lakes park
bride excited for her first look with her groom
black and white photo of a bride smiling at her bridesmaids while getting ready
bride and groom embracing in an alcove
black and white photo of mom helping button a brides wedding gown
wolf lakes park lake side wedding ceremony
bride and groom first look
black and white photo of a bride smiling at her groom
black and white photos of a groom putting on his dress shoes before his wedding
bride in her wedding dress
wedding dress hanging on wrought iron wall
groom admiring bride in her wedding dress
bride and groom hugging
silver sequin wedding shoes
bride and groom hugging during their first look
white wedding reception decor
wedding party by a lake
groom and groomsmen arriving to wedding ceremony by boat
bride and groom walking down the aisle
bride wiping away a tear during wedding ceremony
wolf lakes park wedding ceremony
black and white photo of a bride and groom embracing by a tree
black and white photo of a bride and groom walking and embracing on a dock by the lake
black and white photo of groom placing wedding ring on brides finger
groom putting wedding ring on brides finger during wedding ceremony at wolf lakes park fresno wedding venue

I loved getting to hear the story of how they met during the ceremony and toast speeches at Wolf Lakes.

Of course Sara had told me, but it was so much funnier to hear it from their family and friends. I remember Sara’s mom describing at the reception how Sara had told them she met this guy online, and I know firsthand that the concept of meeting online doesn’t always go over well with the parents. And her mom was relieved when Sara said that Ryan lived in Japan!! Little did they know he’d be moving back to the states and they’d get the chance to go on a “real date”. The rest is a love story!

bride walking down aisle to groom smiling at her
bride and groom praying over bible during wedding ceremony
groom smiling at bride during wedding ceremony
bride and groom holding hands
bride and groom first kiss and walking back down the aisle holding hands
just married couple walking down aisle together smiling
bridal party group photos by wolf lakes park
groom whispering to bride on a bridge by lake at sunset
bride twirling in wedding dress on dock at wolf lakes park at sunset

Sunset wedding portraits are some of my favorite things to photograph!

close up wedding ring photo and wedding invitations
bride and groom embracing and smiling
black and white photo bride and groom walking away holding hands
groom dipping bride for a kiss
wedding ceremony at wolf lakes park a fresno wedding venue
groom kissing bride at sunset shot on portra 800 film

I also shot a bit of film on their wedding day! Above are a couple of my favorite sunset film photos! I just love how the light catches the film and gives that golden glow to their wedding photos.

white wedding reception decor
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom cutting their cake
bride and groom cutting their cake at wolf lakes park
bride and groom feeding each other wedding cake
groom leading bride holding her hand walking by lake

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black and white film photo of married couple holding hands
bride and groom kissing with sun glowing at sunset

Thank you to Wolf Lakes for hosting this beautiful Fresno Wedding! And to all of these fabulous vendors!

Venue: Wolf Lakes Park
Photography: Megan Helm @meganhelmphotography
Video: EV Weddings
Makeup: Charissa Sanchez
Spray Tan: Katherine Woodward
Dress: Madeleines Bridal Boutique


Wolf Lakes Wedding in March

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