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pug in grass on a leash with man and pregnant woman standing in background

Maternity photos are always a lot of fun! And they are especially sweet when it’s first time parents. The anticipation of a new babe and the joy and excitement that come with all the emotions leading up to birth. It’s a really special time for new parents to really soak it all in!

This was Judy’s maternity session but Dot was the star of the show. Also, she and I are total BFF’s.

I’m kidding about her being the star but she did love the camera! And it was the best time with these two taking their maternity photos in one of my favorite places! Jesse & Judy have been clients of mine for a few years now; I was honored to shoot these photos for them!

black and white photo of husband and pregnant wife looking at baby belly and smiling
maternity photos in grassy meadow in shaver lake
husband kissing pregnant wife on cheek smiles
husband and wife touching pregnant belly and embracing for maternity photos with fresno photographer megan helm photography

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husband and wife embracing for maternity photos in grassy meadow with evergreen trees
man and woman looking at woman's pregnant belly
pregnant couple embracing
close of up husband and wife holding pregnant belly

Click HERE to see their in home newborn photo session!

close up of pregnant couple looking at eachother and smiling
man kissing pregnant wife on the cheek
pregnant couple embracing and standing on rock in grassy meadow
close up black and white photo husband and pregnant wife smiling and embracing
maternity photos in meadow
husband and wife with pug posing for maternity photos
pregnant couple posing for maternity photos with fresno photographer megan helm
maternity photos in grassy meadow
husband kissing wife at maternity photo session in meadow
husband and wife kissing
close up photo of husband and pregnant wife smiling
maternity photos in meadow with wildflowers
maternity session for baby girl
husband and wife taking maternity photos in meadow

Maternity photos are so much fun! Giving soon to be parents a chance to step back from the chaos of prepping for baby and just be with each other is incredibly special.

husband and wife holding hands in wildflower meadow
close up of pregnant belly in pink dress with husband and wife holding hands
pregnant couple smiling and standing in meadow with evergreen trees and wildflowers

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black and white photo of husband kissing wife on cheek smiling
husband and wife looking at pregnant belly in pink dress standing in grassy meadow golden sunlight

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Maternity Photos in Shaver Lake

See some of our favs from this snowy winter engagement session with Mikayla & Frankie!

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