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So you’re engaged!

Or maybe you know someone who is. Being engaged should be a time to celebrate and enjoy just being engaged with your new fiance (I know right, it’s SO FUN to use that word). But oftentimes (yes even I was guilty) the excitement of your new bling and new fiance can be overtaken by the rush of wedding plans. Check out my tips for newly engaged couples here.

Trevor & I planned a wedding in 7 months. I’ve had couples plan a wedding in 6 weeks, and some that plan for 2 years. While there’s no right or wrong length of time to be engaged, one thing you should be thinking about is your engagement session. There’s a lot of info about why you should or shouldn’t do an engagement session, but I’m a firm believer in engagement sessions. which is why I’m sharing my thoughts with you guys on why you should have an engagement session.




You’ll be so much more comfortable in front of the camera!

If your fiance is anything like my husband, he’s probably not excited about pictures. He’s probably asking, “How long do we have to do this for?”. I hear you and I’ll be there the whole time to walk you guys through the session. I don’t just tell you “Stand here” and “Turn your head” – I give you REAL things to do in the hopes of inspiring a moment between you two for me to capture. And guys, it works every. single. time.

For many of my couples, it’s the first time they’re having professional photos taken together, and it really is a big deal. I want these photos to be an authentic representation of your love for one another and for it to capture the real you. Engagement photos should be fun! I’ll ask you to dance, run around, spin around, passionately kiss your fiance, and so many more funny, romantic and just FUN things to do. Some of the prompts may feel awkward – I can tell by your faces when I ask you to do something. I ask you to trust me, and then I show you the back of the camera and see you both look at each other and smile because we just made legit magic!!



Can you say date night?

All dressed up and no place to go? Not here! You’re already looking super cute, make a date night out of it! Pretty much all my couples will make a date night out of their session, because why the heck not? One couple was coming to our house before their session, so they stopped at the School House Restaurant before they came to their session. I fully support that!


Engagement sessions are actually FUN!

So like I said, my husband is not a fan of photos, so I know how anxious getting ready for a session can be. That’s why I don’t just pose you in front of a camera awkwardly. We actually DO THINGS! I’ll ask you guys to practice your first dance, relive the day he proposed, tell me your favorite thing about your fiance, and so much more. Not only will you be having your photo taken, but you’ll have some time with your fiance to relive your love story with genuine emotion and authentic love. Whether that’s a sweet and romantic love, or a fun and goofy little kids with a crush love, I’ll be there to capture it all so you can relive those tender moments for years to come.


Engagement session photos are special, too!

Your wedding day will be filled with moments and memories you’ll cherish forever. But your engagement is such a romantic, fleeting time in your life and you’ll want these memories captured! Engagement sessions are a chance for the two of you to relax and step away from the craziness of planning a wedding. And I’ve photographed a lot of weddings, and not one of them has been “relaxing”. They’re fun, crazy, beautiful, chaotic, romantic and joyful. So planning an engagement session is a chance for you both to have a stress free session, without the pressure of a wedding day timeline hovering over your shoulder. You’ll share some sweet moments that, when you look back, will make your heart do a happy dance. I know I have some of those from our own engagement session!


It’s a chance to get to know me, your photographer!

Like I said, wedding days can be a little cray cray sometimes, so I love engagement sessions because I get to hang out with YOU! I get to know you both better, hear your love story and invest myself into your memories. For me, this is such an important aspect of my job, because to capture your love, I want to understand it. What better way to learn about your love than spend some time together without the wedding day pressures. By the time you leave your session, not only will we have amazing photos, but I also hope that we’re friends and you can look back on this amazing celebration with joy and love.


So yeah, I know the though of doing an engagement session can make you feel anxious or nervous, and maybe you don’t want one. But their value is immeasurable, which is why I include them complimentary with every single one of my wedding collections. I feel so strongly about capturing your full love story, and the cost of an engagement session shouldn’t be a factor. So with me, it’s not! Some couples still don’t feel like it’s for them, and that’s ok. But I hope you can take these thoughts to heart as you plan your own engagement session.

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So what about you?
Did you do an engagement session?

Why, or why not?  Comment below!



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