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Pismo Dunes Epic Engagement

June 13, 2019

Pismo Dunes Engagement Session Blog Cover

The Pismo Dunes were the perfect place to capture this sweet couple.

Eric and Savannah have been truly amazing clients, so it was an honor to finally have them back in front of my camera to celebrate their engagement. We shared tons of laughs, played some tunes, they enjoyed a couple beers, slow dances and sweet moments and memories. THIS right here is why I love photography; because I get to capture the raw, real moments.

Check out all my favorites from this epic Pismo Dunes engagement session!engaged couple sitting in the grass on the pismo dunes couple embracing in the windy grasses of the pismo beach sand dunes newly engaged couple kissing on the beach

It’s so important to me that we capture more than just your faces. I want to capture the scene, the love, the laughter and everything about your session that makes the images so perfect! It also makes my job easy when I capture couples in love because asking people to make out, cuddle, slow dance, and twerk in front of me is so much easier and more fun when there’s a kick ass story and a super in love couple in front of my camera.

black and white photo of a newly engaged couple cuddling and laughing on the sand dunes classic engagement photo of a couple on the beach intimate black and white photo of a couple embracing on the windy pismo beach dunes

Did I mention this engagement session on the Pismo Dunes was AMAZING? I did, but I’ll say it again. Ahhhhmazing!

beachy engagement photos engaged couple enjoying a beer on the dunes close up shot of a new engagement ring and a couple cheersing beers engaged couple enjoying beers and laughing on the dunes during an engagement session with Megan Helm Photography a Fresno Wedding Photographer

Clearly…Eric’s got priorities. Hugging Bae = Beers 🙂

couple embracing on the oceano dunes at sunset rose gold engagement ring rose gold engagement ring on purple beach flowers

Let’s talk about this freakin engagement ring too, am I right? I could not help but snap a few photos of it while these two changed outfits.

couple wearing navy blue an embracing on the beach engaged couple reaching for a kiss rose gold diamond engagement ring in the sand at pismo beach silhouette of a couple kissing on the beach at sunset time lapse of a couple embracing for a kiss epic kiss in the sun on the pismo dunesnautical engagement photo outfit ideas on the dunes couple laughing on the beach couple embracing and kissing on the sand dunes

This next set of images means so much to me. I put on a romantic song and asked Eric and Savannah to just BE in the moment. I silenced my shutter, and told them to just let the song, the moment, everything just happen however they felt led to feel. I played “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain, and the emotions just flowed in. It was BEAUTIFUL!!

intimate moments between an engaged couple dancing on the dunes

Eric kissed away his bride’s tears, they probably whispered secret nothings to each other and talked about how excited they are for their upcoming wedding this December. Moments like this is what makes this job so rewarding, and so beautiful.

engaged couple slow dancing on the beach couple embracing engaged couple sitting on the sand dunes at sunset

Congratulations to the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Plemons! Your Pismo Dunes engagement session was one for the books. We went in without a plan, and I gotta say I am a fan of the results. All this makes me even more excited to capture the first day of your forever love story.

epic engagement photo of a couple embracing in the golden beach sand

If you’re getting married and are looking for a wedding photographer, click here. I will dance with you, laugh with you, cry with you and make your session SO MUCH FUN!



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