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Downtown Kingsburg Engagement Photos

April 21, 2021

Woman laughing while man dips her and kisses her cheek.

Downtown Kingsburg was the perfect setting for this intimate engagement session with Alyssa and Dominic!

We started with some cute little spots around town and ended with the most amazing ice cream! These ice cream aficionados also were HUGE fans of Bella Creamery’s fantastic ice cream selections. If you’re ever in downtown Kingsburg, you’ve got to check out Bella Creamery & Bella Bakery!

Engaged couple in eating Bella Creamery in downtown Kingsburg
Man hugging fiance from behind around the shoulders while she smiles.
Couple facing each other laughing and talking.

These are the coolest downtown vibes I’ve ever seen!

It’s the classy vibes for me. Dominic is rocking that suit and Alyssa is totally doing this dress a favor! It looks absolutely stunning on her. Would you believe me if I told you she bought it right before the session?

I didn’t believe her either when she told me because it looks so classy and elegant! Perfect for some downtown Kingsburg engagement photos.

Man twirling his fiances in red heels as they walk in downtown Kingsburg
Engaged woman looking up at fiance and holding on to his jacket in downtown Kingsburg
Engaged couple holding Bella Creamery ice cream in downtown Kingsburg.
Man giving his fiance serious look while she steals a bite of his ice cream.
Engaged couple talking while eating Bella Creamery ice cream in downtown Kingsburg

Thank you Bella Creamery for leaving the neon sign on for a few more engagement photos!

The hot pink even matches Alyssa’s heels and the flowers in the flower beds! Perfect spring vibes!

Woman laughing while fiance in linen suit jacket whispers to her
Couple holding hands while walking across the street in downtown Kingsburg.

Something I’ve fallen in love with about film is the way it captures movement. In this shot above, by intentionally slowing the speed of my shutter, I was able to capture Alyssa and Dominic in motion. The motion creates a beautiful photograph that shows off quaint downtown Kingsburg and features their fun and playful love! This joy is apparent in all of their engagement photos. Alyssa and Dominic spent the better part of their session laughing so much. It was a joy to photograph!

Woman holding on to fiances arm while they laugh.
Engaged couple laughing and holding hands while crossing the street in downtown Kingsburg.
Woman embracing fiances hug and forehead kiss.
Engaged couple enjoying Bella Creamery ice cream in Downtown Kingsburg.
Engaged couple eating ice cream
Engaged couple leaning against a window and brick wall while eating ice cream.
Woman looking back at fiance while he hugs her and leans in.
Couple feeding each other ice cream in downtown Kingsburg shot on 35mm film
Couple embraced and laughing joyfully shot on 35mm film

Thanks Alyssa and Dominic for trusting MHP with your engagement photos. We hope you loved downtown Kingsburg as much as I do!

Woman stealing a bite of fiances ice cream.
Engaged woman leaning up to kiss fiance in blue linen suit.

Photos by Megan of Megan Helm Photography
Film Scans by PhotoVision
Ice Cream by Bella Creamery

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