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Wildflower Engagement Photos

April 28, 2021

Couple sitting in wildflowers laughing for engagement photos

Wildflowers are only in California for a little while.

I love when we get to take advantage of them for some really pretty wildflower engagement photos. Austin actually chose this location and it did not disappointed. Of course there were some yellow fiddlenecks, but my favorite wildflowers are the tiny little white wildflowers. They almost looked like snow covering the fields and hills.

The California sunset also showed off for us with gorgeous sunlight as it went down behind the hill.

Wildflower engagement photos of woman hugging fiances arm and looking up at him during sunset
Couple standing nose to nose with sunset setting behind a mountain
Man leaning in to womans temple while she smiles for engagement photos in wildflowers
Couple sitting in wildflowers laughing

Fun fact about Blair and Austin?

I have photographed them twice before when they were in bridal parties of other MHP couples! They’ve seen my photos for their friends. They experienced me on a wedding day; once actually a few years ago when I was still figuring out my business. So for them to inquire with me was a huge honor. I was totally blown away when they chose to book with me and I am so excited to not only give them an amazing wedding photo experience, but to see some of my all time favorite wedding clients and celebrate with all of them!

Wildflower engagement photos of couple among the wildflowers hugging and laughing
Couple holding hands and walking among the wildflowers for engagement photos
Wildflowers in Fresno

Yes…of course I had to get a photo of these pretty little wild flowers! And wildflower engagement photos are the best!

Couple nose to nose smiling
Hands interlocked
Couple walking down the street among wildflowers holding hands at sunset during engagement photos
Engaged couple standing in the wildflowers with a mountain behind them for engagement photos
Engaged couple kissing during sunset in the fields
Couple kissing at sunset in the wildflower field during engagement photos
Man carrying fiance on his back down the street
Engaged couple kissing while standing in a field of wildflowers during engagement photos
Engaged couple smiling face to face while sunsets between them
Couple enjoying walking around in the wildflower field together for engagement photos
Man leading his fiance through a wildflower field for engagement photo.
Woman hugging in to her fiance
Man holding his fiance close during sunset in the wildflower field for engagement photos
Couple sitting in background behind wildflowers
Couple laying in wildflowers head to head with their eyes closed.
Couple looking at each other smiling
Man holding his fiance while they smile for the camera.
Engaged couple nose to nose and hugging during sunset
Man hugging his fiance from behind around her shoulders while she smiles up at him
Man leaning in to womans temple while she closes her eyes
Man leading woman through a field of wildflowers for engagement photos
Couple looking in love while the sun sets behind them

Thank you so much Blair and Austin for choosing MHP to capture your wedding and engagement photos!

It’s an honor to be a part of this exciting chapter in your lives. I cannot wait to celebrate with you!

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