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Couple standing touching foreheads in the field at Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is the perfect location for some stunning sunset engagement photos with Jacky & Ismael!

Stephanie is their lead photographer for their June wedding and we are loving these gorgeous images from their beach engagement session. Scroll to see more of our favs from the prettiest beachy engagement session ever! I actually met Jacky at the Blissfully Yours expo in Visalia in 2019 and she told me on our consult that she told her sister “I have to hire her as my photographer”.

Now that it is actually time for her to choose a wedding photographer, I’ve got a team to serve so many amazing couples. We scheduled a zoom chat for Jacky and Stephanie to chat before booking (pro-tip this is an important step in our booking process is making sure we all click) and they were a great fit! I think these engagement photos speak for themselves. The joy and natural candid nature of the beach sunset photos really tell the story of their fun and playful love! The MHP Team is so excited to be a part of your wedding day and now you can scroll to see more of our favs from this Pismo Beach engagement session with Jacky & Ismael!

People holding hands with woman's engagement ring in focus
Engaged couple hugging and standing near the grass at Pismo Beach
Man popping a bottle of champagne while his fiance laughs

We LOVE when couples bring a bottle of champagne to pop during their session! It makes for such fun photos. And don’t worry if you’ve never popped a bottle before we’ve got tips to make the champagne pop photos perfect!

Couple smiling and standing in front of a wood fence at Pismo Beach dunes
Man hugging his fiance from behind while she smiles at PIsmo Beach
Couple standing close with foreheads touching at sunset at Pismo Beach

The sunset silhouettes are some of our favorite images to shoot! Especially when they’re on the beach!

The glowing sunset shining through your faces and the intimacy of the moment…it’s all perfect. Pismo beach sunsets are also a favorite of ours!

Woman leaning in to fiance in the grass at Pismo beach.
Engaged couple whispering to each other
Woman hugging mans arm while he leans in to her.
Couple in the pampas grass at PIsmo Beach
Engaged couple in high fashion outfits in the sand at Pismo Beach
Man picking up his fiance to kiss her at Pismo Beach
Couple smiling at the camera standing together
Man giving his fiance a flower in her hair on a path in Pismo Beach
Couple running in to the water at Pismo Beach

Black and white beach engagement photos are probably one of our favorite things!

Woman in a long dress with fiance walking along the water line at Pismo Beach
Couple smiling and a view of the water and grass at Pismo Beach
Couple holding hands and standing leaning in to each other.
Woman in a sheer floor length dress with fiance in a suit at sunset in the sand.
Couple standing facing away toward the Pismo beach sunset wearing high fashion outfits
Man kissing his fiance on the cheek while she smiles
Couple laughing and looking at each other.
Couple in the water with woman's sheer dress dragging in the tide at PIsmo Beach

And if you’re wondering if you should get in the ocean during your beach engagement photos, the answer is YES! Pismo beach is lovely, the sunset skies look like cotton candy and our couples look so happy and joyful!

Engaged couple wearing fancy outfits in the sand at Pismo Beach
Individual portraits of man and woman during engagement photos

I loved these solo shots Stephanie took of Jacky and Ismael! So lovely and they also look so great paired next to eachother on this engagement blog. Right?!

Couple standing close together enjoying sunset at PIsmo beach.
Couple laughing and having fun in the sand and water
Woman in sheer floor length dress in the shallow water with fiance.
Couple walking and kissing in the ocean tide at Pismo beach
Man leaning in to fiance and whispering in her ear.
Couple kissing in the sand at sunset at Pismo beach.
Couple popping champagne while standing in the ocean
Couple celebrating in the ocean at Pismo Beach in fancy outfits.

Thanks to Jacky & Ismael for choosing the MHP Team to capture your Pismo Beach Engagement and wedding day!

It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of these memories with all our couples! We love taking these fun photos and capturing moments that tell your love story!

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Pismo Beach Engagement Session

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